Day #10 (circa) – Prepping

In Pursuit of The CCIE!

So I’ve decided to keep a journal for myself and for those looking to or in the midst of going after the elusive CCIE R&S.

So far it’s been a busy month.  Following INE’s template, I’ve ordered the exact equipment they recommended from Ebay.  Most of the cables, I got through Monoprice, and I got a bunch of rack mounts from DiableCable.  Also, I got the Skeletek rack from Dantrak.  The bummer was the rack base has two sides and they shipped me the same side for both.  Anyways, it still fits the vertical rack beams and is even.  So in about 2 weeks, I got all the equipment that I ordered racked, powered, and cabled.  The 2522 is still lagging behind in the delivery pipe but should be here by next week (I hope.)  I’ve got all the switches upgraded to the proper IOS ver, and all but 2 of the routers.  One’s CF card is too small, and another doesn’t have enough RAM.  Bummer!  I ordered a new CF last night from Ebay for a reasonable amount but it’s though finding 128 MB of RAM from my 2610XM in an economical fashion. 😦

So the plan for this week is loading all the configs and start on Workbook 1.  Hopefully by the time I get to the FR section, my 2522 will be here.


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